Hey there!

My name is Jakob, I was born in 1998 in Tyrol / Austria, the heart of the Alps. I know, my story doesn't matter as much as my work, but here it is anyway:

Personally, I would describe myself as a very technophile person, which came to light in my childhood. It sounds like a joke, but in kindergarten, I actually used to bring a distribution box with me.


Cinematography entered my life when I was 6 years old. My dad bought a video tape recorder, which I immediately started using and figuring out all the new functionalities. I always wanted to learn as many new things as possible, which I achieved through trial and error. So my basic motivation is to give 100% in all aspects, do it better and improve everything I do.

A few friends and I always played with my cameras and filmed a lot of different stuff. Later in 2014, we won the 3rd price at a local film competition with one of our short films. The same year, a local musician asked me to film a music video for his band and this is where everything started.

During school days, the half time of my leisure, I developed many technical tools especially for camera-controlling, beginning from sliders over app-controlled light tubes to app-controlled motion-control devices. The other half, I used to enhance my film production workflow.

In 2018 I graduated from school for higher technical education of electronics and computer engineering in Innsbruck. With the diploma thesis about our self-developed app-controlled hyperlapse-cablecam we won the young-engineers award competed by the Wirtschaftskammer Tirol.

Today I am fully concentrating on producing films with the goal to never stop learning - looking forward to many remarkable projects!

Have a look at my portfolio and get yourself an impression over my commercial as well as private projects!


So this is my story briefly summarised. If you want to work with me or if you have any further questions contact me over my contact form or give me a call!